Las Caletas (Puerto Vallarta)

Accessible only by sea, Las Caletas is an enchanting cove one-catamaran-hour’s ride from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The fact that American film director John Huston had kept a private home here need not be its main claim to fame. Facing the crystal blue waters of Banderas Bay, its back is to the steep, jungle-clad Sierra Madre Mountains.

The beach is now owned and operated exclusively by a tour provider. In addition to bringing visitors daily to this semi-secluded haven, Vallarta Adventures stage the ‘Rhythms of the Night’ spectacle on a nightly-basis. After dining alongside the gently lapping waves, guests are guided down torch-lit trails past re-enactments of ancient rituals and customs to a natural amphitheatre under the stars. Deep in the shadowy jungle, enveloped by pulsating drums and flutes, a pyramid is the backdrop for a contemporary dance performance.

But during the day, that haunting atmosphere isn’t quite there. The nature reserve is strewn with eager tourists and jam-packed with water and land activities: snorkelling, kayaking, clay modelling, and paella cooking lessons. There are photographers in place ready to capture you in the thrills of every moment, for a price, of course.

Overall it’s a nice outing, albeit short, though when is a beach staycation ever long enough? The boat ride back along the coastline passes quickly, probably thanks to the open bar and theatrical skits. Nothing says fun like manly Mexican men in drag…

2 responses to “Las Caletas (Puerto Vallarta)

  1. Terrific pics!!! Love them!! Remind me of my time in Vallarta. One of the things about Vallarta that I most liked was the color of the water. Cristal clear. I can’t explain it, you have to see it for yourself. I had a great time there, and hopefully will return this year to practice some surfing. The waves are quite big and riding them is a lot of fun!


  2. LOL… The men in drag is to funny!!!


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