Roundup: The greenest fabrics and rugs

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Material innovations like Kvadrat’s Waterborn are joined by super-modern wall coverings and carpets from Ruckstuhl, Conrad Shades and more, made from the natural-fibres of fast-growing grasses and plants like sisal, hemp, jute, banana, and soy.

Waterborn microfibre fabric by Kvadrat

The innovative production process of this sustainable microfibre textile, made sans solvents, involves recycling warm water in a closed system, resulting in less water consumption and carbon dioxide generation than in conventional methods. The slim fabric, a combination of polyester and polyurethane, is smooth and easy to upholster furniture. Patterns can be precisely embossed into its surface, whose palette includes natural tones and contemporary colours.

Rugs and carpets by Ruckstuhl

Ruckstuhl offers a range of area rugs and carpets made in combinations of coir, linen, pure wool, sisal and hair yarn with natural backings. For more statement-making options, the artist-designed rugs of Edition Ruckstuhl explore techniques such as hand tufting and embroidered typography. In addition to flooring, the company also manufactures acoustic panels in wool felt.

Hand-woven window coverings by Conrad Shades

Conrad Shades has been hand-weaving custom Roman fold shades from renewable natural fibres for over 50 years. The collection includes drapery, sliding panels and motorized roll-ups of finely crafted weavings of grasses and reeds in a range of patterns and textures that lightly filter sunlight while preserving outside views, or provide opaque solutions for sun control and privacy.

Natural window fashions by Earthshade

These shading devices not only use natural materials, but are made with smart production and manufacturing processes. Hand-woven with a heavy cotton based thread, Earthshade’s custom natural fibre coverings, offered with a variety of operating options, have the industry’s only chemical-free hemp-based lining fabric – insulating for savings in winter heating and summer cooling.

Floor treatments by Alternative Flooring 

Luxurious and hardwearing natural wool carpets (Eco collection) by Alternative Flooring are hand-woven on traditional carpet looms. The woollen thread is woven on to a base of cotton and jute and then a cotton backing is secured with a natural latex layer. Likewise, the sustainable natural fibre flooring options, made from sisal, grasses, coir and jute sourced from around the globe, come in a variety of textural weaves and natural hues.

For more, see Azure’s annual Green Building Guide, published in the May issue, a comprehensive reference about the trends, materials and systems that will help you transform any project into a bastion of sustainability.

2 responses to “Roundup: The greenest fabrics and rugs

  1. waw~ green product could be so cool! awesome!
    “very very inspired!”

    thanks,…. and, this is so pretty!


  2. I love the floor covering from Alternative Flooring.


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