Stephanie Calvet trained as an architect in the USA. For over a decade she worked in architecture and planning firms in Boston, designing buildings in the institutional, healthcare, higher education, multi-unit residential and senior living sector.

Design Writing

Now based in Toronto, Stephanie writes about architecture and design for trade and consumer publications, corporate organizations, academic journals, and develops architectural proposals.

Her accomplishments as an architectural journalist include interviews with top international designers — Kasper Guldager Jørgensen of 3xn architects, Edouard François of Maison Edouard François, Beatriz G. Casares of MYCC Oficina de Arquitectura — as well as interviews featuring some of Canada’s best-known firms such as Patkau Architects and Quadrangle Architects.

This blog serves primarily as a platform for design-related topics as well as a place for Stephanie to share her passion for travel and a complement to her online photography & drawing portfolio.

19 responses to “Bio

  1. VERY impressive, my dear! WOW! I’ve forwarded this link widely… I’m so proud of you!


  2. Ditto to what Ali says. A great blog, a real treat. Will we get pics from in and around Boston, too?


  3. I love the website!


  4. Fantastic! I’m so impressed and as Ali says, SO VERY PROUD! You are all round talented. Hooray for friends! 🙂
    And I absolutely adored your description of Ottawa…nothing like the smell of those mitts…that sums up childhood in the ‘wa doesn’t it? As does the LC…


  5. Modesty is a wonderful trait but I hope you realize how exceptional you are. I have no doubt that your future is bright no matter where you go. There are generations of worldly experience, perception, intelligence and humor that shine through you and your art, photography and writing. The many friends you have made in so many places will attest to that as we do.


  6. Y tu foto!!!!

    tienes fotos de todo hijo de vecino… pero no hay forma de saber que pinta tienes!!!.

    alguna foto tuya no estaría mal, ¿no?.



    • Carmen,

      Aiii!! Que cosas mas bonitas me cuentas! Muchisimas gracias por escribirme. You made my day.
      Que paseis una noche fenomenal juntos! Nos veremos en España en primavera o verano. Gracias por la oferta….!!

      Un abrazo muy fuerte,

      stephanie xo
      p.s. Eres hilarious!! 🙂


  7. Aquí, … too much wine… they tell me to stop writing you. But I decided that they can not stop me.

    So I was thinking, if you draw a self portrait it would be perfect. Your drawings are beautiful, but just houses… your photos from Mexico ar e atonishing.. what about the combination?. Your self portrait,… technique and warm.

    best luck


  8. Love the blog and the idea of combining two of you passions. I was drawn to your article about the cafe in Turku, Finland. Well done!


  9. Wow! I love, not only your blog, but your entire web layout. Great job!
    As a budding writer/artist/photographer/musician myself, I was naturally drawn to your blog.
    Keep up the great work!



    • Many thanks, Ambrose, for your kind words! It took me a long while to get my act together and put something (website) online but now I have a place to ‘hang’ my portfolio and it’s fun to share. Best of luck to you in all your creative endeavours!!


  10. That was a very exciting blog!


  11. Hi Stephanie, I just happened to stumble upon your blog by chance and I am glad I did! I just learned a bit about you that is you are from Canada and you used to work in Boston; Toronto and Boston, two cities I truly Love!! As I further dwelt into your work, I learned about your passion for Photography and did enjoy your blog on Dublin! Terrific shots!

    Keep up the creative work all around, looking forward to more 🙂

    All the best from Kuwait!


    • Hi Roland. Thanks for the encouragement! Indeed, Toronto and Boston are great cities but as I travel and see more, I keep discovering gems, including Dublin. Aack! If only I could do this for a living…:) Best wishes.


  12. Steph,

    Love, love, love the pictures from the trip, especially the ones of Heda and Västervik 🙂 Made me homesick within 2 weeks of returning to Boston! Love your selection of photos from the various stops and looking forward to the upcoming places from the trip that no doubt will be posted.
    Forwarded on your blog a while back, and several people have since noted how talented you are.

    Kram, kram and see you soon, dear!





  14. Hello from France !
    Je viens de faire un petit tour sur ton site et tes photos sont superbes… Les photos de Nuremberg me rappel mes 6 mois là bas!!!
    Très beau travail.
    See you soon
    Aurélie de Normandie !


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