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The festival Über Lebenskunst (08/17-08/21), loosely translated as ‘the art of survival,’ was a project initiated by the German Federal Cultural Foundation in cooperation with Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt, a leading centre for contemporary art and a space for experimentation.

Visitors were invited to experience “the sustainable ‘art of living’ around the clock” through a series of interventions in, on, and around the building. Projects and performances examined basic human needs and presented forward-thinking ideas for collective living in an era of dwindling resources and threatened ecosystems. Exhibits included: temporary night shelters; Pod #002: Parasite Heating Unit; a multi-part water filtration system by Das Numen; and, Salatfeld/Vorratskammer, an installation of 6,000 hydro-culture lettuce heads emerging from the large reflecting pools in front of the Haus, by the international artist cooperative myvillages.org.

Mauerpark, Prenzlauer Berg. Landscape architect Gustav Lange.

Postfuhramt, Mitte, 1875-1881. Architect Carl Schwatlo.

Kulturbrauerei (‘culture brewery’), Prenzlauer Berg.