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All White Party

ramp up

Friends of mine hosted their annual All White Party at their fabulous home in Eliot (Portsmouth), Maine.  Now hold on – it’s a stringent all white dress code I’m referring to – not segregation in full swing in the Pine Tree State (oft referred to as Lobster State). 🙂  As an architect, it was particularly thrilling for me because Jim and Rui live in an LVL home, a metal and glass house on a stunning watery site.  metallicCustomized to fit their wishes, it’s based on a standard design by Rocio Romero, the first designer to bring modern design to U.S. prefab (kit) homes since the 1950s.  The efficient and minimalistic design combined with the practicality of the simple manufacturing and construction made it economical.  I liked the airiness, the abundance of natural light, and the clean lines of the interior and exterior.  The owners furnished the interior with classic pieces of furniture, the latest fixtures and gadgets, and friends’ original artwork.

The swanky affair’s 60+ guests delighted in sweet and savoury dishes that seemed to effortlessly replenish themselves, summery drinks, white chocolate-covered strawberries and countless vanilla cupcakes.  Dancing was an all-night event with lots of 70s-80s music and a projection screen blasting images.  It was quite a sight:  bodies, dressed in white Capri pants, tees, tank tops, mini skirts, and pearls flung themselves all over the dance floor.guests In stark contrast, a few pairs of black leggings did show up to the party – those who dared to wear such atrocities were (well, just short of) raked over the coals and sent home with forewarnings regarding their attendance at next year’s event.

Walking the site, taking in the full moon’s reflection on Spinney Creek, I regarded with delight the glowing light box full of friends.  A bedazzling sight!




light box